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RE: tcsh clear command?

On 13 February 2008 05:51, Andrew DeFaria wrote:

> Dave Korn wrote:
>> On 12 February 2008 22:35, Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
>>> Christopher Stack wrote:
>>>> i've noticed in the cygwin implementation of tcsh that the clear
>>>> command doesn't exist. is it in some other format or is there a
>>>> module to add this? i thought it was part of the basic tcsh.
>>> <>
>> I always find
>> alias clear cmd /c cls
>> works best in a DOS console, it has the benefit of resetting the
>> scroll buffer where clear only blanks the currently-visible area.
>> cheers,
>> DaveK
> And if one is not using a "DOS console" 

  Then even the most basic powers of reasoning should have allowed you to infer that the advice above does not apply.  Still, I guess I can spell it out for you.  Here it is again, simplified so it should be accessible to anyone capable of the reasoning skills of a four-year-old:

  1st. poster:  I want to use "clear".  Where is it?
  2nd. poster:  Here it is.
  3rd. poster:  If you're using a dos console, "cmd /c cls" works better.
  4th. poster:  What if you aren't using a dos console?
  3rd. poster again:  Then I refer you to what the first two posters
                      said, dummy!  Du-uuh!  <face-wet-fish-slap>

> (<- who the hell would use that!

  Anyone who might ever want to pipe stdio between a cygwin and a win32 native program will find it works an awful lot better if they do it in a DOS console using CYGWIN=notty.  Also, anyone who wants the rows-and-columns based method of copying text, as opposed to the line-end-wrapping (X-alike) method used in the other consoles.

> Yuck)?

  Is the implication that you are in some way magic and special and therefore your personal tastes are somehow objectively valid making you right about any random topic and anyone else who feels differently wrong?  Or do you still accept that this is just a subjective expression of your tastes, but nonetheless feel that your opinion is of unique and gripping interest to readers of the list? [*]


[*]  - Note for the sarcasm impaired: This is a rhetorical question.[**]
[**] - Additional note for the sarcasm impaired: "Rhetorical" means it does not need an answer.
Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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