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Re: net-tool commands (ifconfig/route, etc.) on CygWin ??

Nitin wrote:
I have alot of scripts (approx. 1500) written for Linux.
I have now migrated to WinXP with CygWin.
I am not able to use my scripts here since most of them use following commands :-
ifconfig,route,iptables, etc., most of them related to Linux networking.

Can someone help me in getting these commands running in CygWin.

Please note that I have already tried following things:-
1. Tried installing net-tools RPM, but the error that I get is that "package is intended for Linux operating system"
2. Compiled net-tools from source on a linux machine and copied the binaries on CygWin.
Executing any binary results in the following error message :-
"Cannot execute binary file".

You may have a mistaken impression of Cygwin. From the Cygwin home page (

 o Cygwin is not a way to run native linux apps on Windows. You have to
   rebuild your application from source if you want it to run on Windows.

You'd have to recompile them on Cygwin to use them for Cygwin.  Not sure
if this is possible, since everything I find in a quick net-tools search
suggests it's a Linux-only thing.  So this may be a significant port.

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