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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: clisp-2.44-1 for cygwin

I've released the new upstream clisp-2.44 plus subpackages -clx, -gtk2 and -gdi for cygwin.

Release focus:
7 - Major bugfixes

./configure --fsstnd=redhat --with-dynamic-ffi  \
  --with-module=rawsock --with-module=dirkey  \
  --with-module=bindings/win32 --with-module=berkeley-db \
  --with-module=pcre --with-module=postgresql \
  --with-module=fastcgi --with-module=zlib  \
  --with-module=gdbm --with-module=libsvm \
  --prefix=/usr --build build
(no changes)*checkout*/clisp/clisp/src/NEWS

2.44 (2008-02-02)
User visible changes

* CLISP does not come with GNU libffcall anymore.
  This is now a separate package and should be installed separately.
  Pass --with-libffcall-prefix to the top-level configure if it is not
  installed in a standard place.
  Option --with-dynamic-ffi is now replaced with --with-ffcall.

* CLOS now issues warnings of type CLOS:CLOS-WARNING.
  See <>
  for details.

* The AFFI (simple ffi, originally for Amiga) code has been removed.

* Speed up list and sequence functions when :TEST is EQ, EQL, EQUAL
  or EQUALP.

  respectively, for consistency with EXT:PROBE-DIRECTORY,
  The old names are still available, but deprecated.

* The :VERBOSE argument to SAVEINITMEM defaults to a new user variable
  *SAVEINITMEM-VERBOSE*, initial value T.
  See <> for details.

* Bug fixes:
  + Fix FRESH-LINE at the end of a line containing only TABs. [1834193]
  + PPRINT-LOGICAL-BLOCK no longer ignores
  + BYTE is now a full-fledged type. [ 1854698 ]
  + Fix linux:dirent definition in the bindings/glibc module. [1779490]
  + Symbolic links into non-existent directories can now be deleted.
    [ 1860489 ]
  + DIRECTORY :FULL on directories now returns the same information as
    on files. [ 1860677 ]
  + CLISP no longer hangs at the end of a script coming via a pipe
    ("clisp < script.lisp" or "cat script | clisp"). [ 1865567 ]
  + When *CURRENT-LANGUAGE* is incompatible with *TERMINAL-ENCODING*,
    CLISP no longer goes into an infinite recursion trying to print
    various help messages. [ 1865636 ]
  + Fix the "Quit" debugger command. [ 1448744 ]
  + Repeated terminating signals kill CLISP instantly with the correct
    exit code. [ 1871205 ]
  + Stack inspection is now safer. [ 1506316 ]
  + Errors in the RC-file and init files are now handled properly.
  + Avoid the growth of the restart set with each image save. [1877497]
  + Handle foreign functions coming from the old image which cannot be
    validated. [ 1407486 ]
  + Fix signal code in bindings/glibc/linux.lisp. [ 1781476 ]


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