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RE: _update-info-dir (was:

On 31 December 2007 18:26, Marc Girod wrote:

> Dave Korn wrote:
>> is the best place to search.  If it's in the
>> cygwin distro, that will tell you which package you need installed.
> But what I am looking for is:
>  _update-info-dir/_update-info-dir-00573-1       Generate info/dir file
> automatically

  Well, that's listed there as well:

> Now, trying to install this from setup, I cannot find it.

  You probably shouldn't be trying to to that; it's not a real package and
it's not intended for general use, it's really part of the setup.exe support

> I assume it should be in the Doc category, but is not.

  Nope, it's in the _PostInstallLast category.

> I cycle the View to show all packages, and get the full list in alphabetic
> order, from
>  a2ps
> to
>  zsh
> If the leading '_' was ignored, it ought to be between unzip and upx...

  It's not ignored, it makes it sort right to the very end of the list.

> What am I missing?

  Uncheck the "Hide obsolete packages" checkbox!  Because _update-info-dir is
an internal package intended for use as a dependency of other packages only,
it's hidden away in there.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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