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RE: Squid use and configuration on cygwin

On 29 December 2007 15:48, Kevin Hilton wrote:

> Lets see to all you geniuses out there, 
>>   Being an ass about it will not resolve the situation, although it
>> might make you
>> feel better.
> Thanks for the foul language -- you are a man among men!

  Oh, grow up.  *You* opened with hostility, you got an incredibly minor
reprimand in what is in fact *very* mild language, you have absolutely nothing
to complain about.  You have now made two false assumptions:

1.  That the "cygwin users guide" referred to on the squid site was some
document specifically relating to squid on cygwin.

2.  That the people who told you where to find the "cygwin users guide" when
you asked where to find the "cygwin users guide" were maliciously
misinterpreting you on purpose.

  Let's get this straight: you came and asked for something, under a false
expectation of what the thing you asked for actually was.  When you were given
what you asked for, its failure to satisfy your expectation is the result of
your false expectation, not some kind of malice or hostility.  Storming back
into the list and being rude to everyone is not a useful or constructive
response.  The correct thing to do would have been to say something like "Oh,
there seems to have been a misunderstanding, I was looking for a document
specifically about squid".  Not hostility and accusations of smart-assery.
Everyone understood from your first post that you were talking about squid,
but nobody could have inferred from your request for the user guide anything
other than that you wanted the user guide, which is of course of generic use
in setting up *any* application on Cygwin.

>   When I perform all
> the instructions as listed here and things do not work:
> Where else am I to ask for help??  Obviously not in the cygwin forum.

  Well, nobody here wrote those instructions or is familiar with them, so
nobody can immediately tell you what the problem is.  We need a better
description of the problem than "things do not work"; I can't see how anyone
could figure out what's going wrong from so little information.

>   Im attempting to
> setup the squid version that comes with the cygwin distribution.  Do I
> have to create a nobody account?

  If you want to run squid as 'nobody', you'd need to do that.  You could
"create a new NT user, and a matching Cygwin user" called 'nobody', and use
the windows control panel "users and groups" to edit the properties and remove
it from the "Users" group (and any others, if present).  Then you'd regenerate
/etc/passwd and use "nobody" as the -u option to cygrunsrv.

> Im still looking for a guide for cygwin.  Ive read all the various
> readme files and still unable to compile from svn.  I think in my
> original post my intention was explicitly clear.  

  In your original post you said you were trying to set up the squid version
that comes with the distribution.  The cygwin user's guide is relevant
information to that task, which is why everyone thought it was what you
wanted.  If you are now using svn, that's a change from what you originally
said and makes your intention even less clear.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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