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Re: Ghostview Page Repositioning Error

On Sun, Dec 23, 2007 at 12:28:12AM -0500, wrote:
>>> I am currently running Cygwin on a Dell Latitude D810.  I am currently
>>> working on a large document that requires ghostview, which I invoke
>>> using 'gv'.  Being somewhat anal I like to keep the page I am viewing
>>> centered.  I noticed recently that if gv is the current window and I
>>> press the mute button on the computer that the gv page repositions
>>> downward.
>> I'd guess that 'mute' is equivalent to some rarely-used key code
>> for which ghostview happens to have a binding. Though it's for a
>> different OS, perhaps this helps:
>> "Do you have a keyboard with those neat multimedia buttons, but
>> they don't work with linux? This mini-howto should help you."
>I guess I wasn't clear enough.  The mute button works fine as far as audio
>is concerned.  It's strictly the reaction of gv when I hit the mute button
>that is a bit unexpected.

You were clear.  I think the response actually did postulate a potential
answer to your question.  It theorizes that gv is reacting to some strange
key combination triggered by your mute button.

>George S. Hugh
>261 Hudson Annex
>(xxx) xxx-xxxx

Ouch.  You REALLY don't want to send your phone number and email address
to thousands of people and many archive web sites.


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