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Re: missing 'which' documentation

--- "Lee D. Rothstein" <> wrote:

> Does anybody know or care that there is an option --
> '-a' -- for 'which' -- that is not documented on
> Cygwin. That is, there is no internal help, and
> there
> is no 'man' or 'info' page provided by Cygwin
> install.
> If anybody wants this, I will find or create the
> 'man'
> page and make it cover '-a', and then do *what* with
> it? Pointers appreciated!
> To see the value of this option try (assuming you
> have MS
> executable directories in your path):
>   which ping              vs         which -a ping
>   which find              vs         which -a find
> and
>   which dir               ==         which -a dir
> i.e., 'dir' is an internal of 'cmd.exe'
> Lee Rothstein

would be good, though I realised that for programs,
like squid (whose cygwin port does not even seem to
work, but there is a windows port).. One is expected
to go online for the documentation!  So I consider an
internet connection somewhat mandatory -

I have typed "man which", at google. I did notice that
cygwin had no man or info page for which.

on a related note- i also check
/usr/share/doc , since programs can put documentation
there, and furthermore, that documentation is
different, not conforming to the strict man page

I guess there is no excuse for a simple thing like a
man page to not be installed - available offline. Even
a large man page is small enough, and this is a small
man page.

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