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RE: cygwin 1.5.25-7: cygcheck does not work?

On 20 December 2007 18:46, Jeff wrote:

> This is exactly why I have 'File Monitor' from Sysinternals on my
> system. Whenever I have an app that fails to start and produces some
> incomprehensible error message (relative to my setup, current state of
> my system, location of files, etc.), I run 'File Monitor' to see if the
> app is looking for libraries or other crucial files and not finding
> them. 

  FYI, cygcheck <path/to/exe> also does that.

> I've found very few apps that are able to tell the user when a library
> file is missing-- the SOP of just calling library functions from within
> your code and then linking against an import library includes, as far
> as I know, no mechanism to do that (unless, perhaps, it is somehow
> built into the library). In most cases, if the file is missing, it
> would seem that the results are undefined-- in my experience, though,
> the app usually exits with some sort of baffling error message.

  Yep.  It's a limitation of both the LoadLibrary() *and* the dlopen() function that
they can't tell you /which/ file was missing.

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