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Re: cygwin 1.5.25-7: cygcheck does not work?

On Thu, 20 Dec 2007 06:15:11 -0800,
Brian Dessent <brian[at]dessent[dot]net> wrote:

>Eric Blake wrote:
>> Odd.  Cygwin's bash does not usually capitalize it's name.  You might have
>That's a Win9x oddity.
>> > The OS: Windows 98 SE
>> Rather old; I hope you're aware that cygwin 1.7.0 won't run on your OS,
>> and that, as bash maintainer, I no longer have access to Win98 to
>> investigate any bug reports caused by the brokenness of the older OS.
>Fortunately, I have VMware with a Win98 image here.
>The problem is that bloda.c calls NtQuerySystemInformation without using
>any kind of indirection, and so cygcheck gets a hard
>dependency on ntdll.dll which doesn't exist on 9x/ME.

This is exactly why I have 'File Monitor' from Sysinternals on my
system. Whenever I have an app that fails to start and produces some
incomprehensible error message (relative to my setup, current state of
my system, location of files, etc.), I run 'File Monitor' to see if the
app is looking for libraries or other crucial files and not finding
them. (It's also a great utility for discovering where apps are
"hiding" various settings and information files.) For someone like me
who is only at the level of a moderately knowledgeable user, 'File
Monitor' and a good process viewer are invaluable tools for getting a
head start on troubleshooting problems.

I've found very few apps that are able to tell the user when a library
file is missing-- the SOP of just calling library functions from within
your code and then linking against an import library includes, as far
as I know, no mechanism to do that (unless, perhaps, it is somehow
built into the library). In most cases, if the file is missing, it
would seem that the results are undefined-- in my experience, though,
the app usually exits with some sort of baffling error message.

"Sorry, my life is still in beta, and nowhere near stable enough for a

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