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Re: cygwin 1.5.25-7: cygcheck does not work?

Eric Blake wrote:

> Odd.  Cygwin's bash does not usually capitalize it's name.  You might have

That's a Win9x oddity.

> > The OS: Windows 98 SE
> Rather old; I hope you're aware that cygwin 1.7.0 won't run on your OS,
> and that, as bash maintainer, I no longer have access to Win98 to
> investigate any bug reports caused by the brokenness of the older OS.

Fortunately, I have VMware with a Win98 image here.

The problem is that bloda.c calls NtQuerySystemInformation without using
any kind of indirection, and so cygcheck gets a hard
dependency on ntdll.dll which doesn't exist on 9x/ME.  We need to do one

- Revert the bloda-check feature on the 1.5 branch
- Check windows version at runtime and only do NT calls through
- Use the trick in cygcheck

If we're going to make releases from the 1.5 branch then I don't think
it's quite acceptible just yet to shaft 9x users, after all that's the
whole point of the branch.


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