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Re: still having problem: devenv through sshd

On Dec 18 17:34, Derek Lei Liu wrote:
> Kind of wondering if this thing ever work for anyone. A few weeks back, i 
> had problem to run "devenv" build script through sshd on windows 2003 
> server. here is the thread: 
> The symptom was 
> basically the same script can be executed from remote desktop console, but 
> not through ssh session. the script simplely hang and doesn't spill out any 
> error message. I struggled a lot with it and finally gave up even with 
> Dave's help. I then give up 2003 and moved to XP. The problem with XP is 
> even more subtle now. I can ssh in with password authentication and execute 
> the script just fine (one step closer compare to 2003). However, public key 
> authentication still not working (i am getting the fatal error C1902: 
> Program database manager mismatch; please check your installation). There 
> was a thread discussed this issue so i thought the problem can be worked 
> around by just using password authentication. Since i need passwordless 
> login process, i employeed perl Net-SCP-Expect and Net-SSH. Both module 
> works just fine and are using password authentication (that's what they are 
> designed for). However, remotely executing the build script still give me 
> C1902 errors. I just can't figure out what's the difference between 
> password login interactively and using perl modules. I am stuck again, need 
> some help here. Thanks.

Did you try the latest Cygwin 1.5.25-7?  There's a small change when
creating the user token which might help.  I can't promise it does,
because it was originally to workaround a problem in 2003 Server, not
in XP.

Other than that, the Cygwin ML archive has a pointer to a Microsoft
Hotfix to workaround this problem in Visual Studio:


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