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Re: GUI programs dont launch under correct user using ssh

Vivek Pathak wrote:
Hi all,

I installed cygwin according to instructions on the cygwin site to install sshd on a windows XP machine (Win2).

Win2 is a member of a domain MyDomain.

I login via ssh to Win2 as MyDomain\Administrator and try to start outlook using "cmd /c "OUTLOOK.EXE". I want Outlook to startup on Win2 machine. It doesnt launch properly, I tried the check "Interact with desktop" in the installed service but no luck.

If i do a "cmd /c "WHOAMI.EXE", it shows
NT AUTHORITY/SYSTEM user instead of
MyDomain\Administrator although i logged in as MyDomain\Administrator and this if the cause of all the trouble.

How do i ensure that the bash shell launched when i ssh to Win2 launches as usre MyDomain\Administrator

Make sure your '/etc/passwd' and '/etc/group' files contain your user/group information. See the Users Guide for details if you need help with these files and mkpasswd/mkgroup. If this is not the problem, make sure you use password authentication.

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