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Re: Starting native windows GUI app via ssh.

Clayton Holloway a écrit :
Brian Keener wrote:
Clayton Holloway wrote:
Sounds good to me. I doubt this is a standard ssh option so I
wouldn't know what to add in the config.

Would you mind pasting the config that enables this or, if you
don't remember which config option it is, the whole sshd_config.

I believe they are referring to Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services:

Depending on windows version there might not be a need for administrative functions above but once in services - look at the
sshd services options and on tab 2 (log in) there will be a check
box for interact for desktop.

Sweet, it worked. ....and to think it was something as simple as a check box in a windows dialog box.

And if you're a more "registry" kind of person or if you want to script
it, this is the value to alter:




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