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Re: Intermittent perl crash

Michael Kairys wrote:

"Reini Urban" <> wrote in message">

Known problem and easy to fix.
Download the rebase package, read the readme, stop all cygwin services and
run rebaseall in ash.

Thank you for the timely reply! However I am stuck on what should be a simple step: rebaseall tells me /tmp is not writable. I have tried a variety of directories (all of which are actually writable of course) and a variety of ways of geting there, including mount point, env. var, etc.

Further experimentation leads me to believe the shell will return false for -w of any directory. This is consistent with the apparent mode of 555 I see on all of them. And of course they don't respond to chmod. (I believe this is a windows thing that I have even read about somewhere in the cygwin docs...)

So I am left with the question: how would this ever work?


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