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Re: Re: Need help with Perl/Tk

This is rather late because I only follow the digest, but I've looked into Perl/TK a bit with Cygwin.
Initially I found it all to be fairly disappointing, not least because when I finally got things "working" Perk/TK gave limited widgets and was prone to crashes.

My current solution is to use Perl Tcl::Tk. The subtle difference is that Perl controls the interface though TCL. I've found it much more satisfying and much more stable. One of the biggest advantages is access to a lot more widgets because you can get at any widget you can get under TCL/TK. I am using VTCL to graphically build my GUI forms, the the Perl script "executes the TCL interface" with TCL::TK.

Getting it all going is prety straight forward, install Cygwin's TCL TK (which uses the x-server) then then the perl packages off CPAN compile out of the box (see my earlier cygwin post about the snit gotcha).


Michael Kairys wrote:
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"Michael Kairys" <> wrote in message fjsor5$p2j$">news:fjsor5$p2j$

It's all pretty disappointing, compared to ActiveState's implementation, which looks much better and requires no setup, no extraneous directories on my path, and no otherwise uneeded daemons.

A little research reveals this issue has been around for a while and is apparently well-known by everyone but me :)

From: "Yaakov S (Cygwin Ports)" <yselkowitz at users dot sourceforge dot net>
To: cygwin at cygwin dot com
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2005 17:54:19 -0600
Subject: Re: PerlTK under Windows
References: <dnq98d$411$>

Andrew DeFaria wrote:
However I'd like PerlTk to fall back to using Windows widgets much like
rxvt will do a Windows window if there is no X server to connect to.

Just how rxvt manages to use both X11 and Win32GUI is unique, as has been discussed before at length. Don't expect anything else X11 based to do that on Cygwin.

perl-Tk is X11-based because it *does not compile* on Cygwin for Win32.


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