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Re: Need help with Perl/Tk

"Reini Urban" <> wrote in message">
Cygwin perl-Tk for native Win32 worked fine for several years, but stopped
working some years ago.
Since the maintainer is dead, the situation didn't improve.

Wwll, I'm sorry to hear that, for our sakes.

I have resolved my Perl/Tk issues with help from you and others here. I needed to put /usr/bin/X11R6 on my path (which resolved the dll not found issue) and to run XWin (which allowed a Perl/Tk window to display).

It looked pretty ugly, all in all. I suppose I could devote some time to study and end up with a server configuration that gave me decent-looking fonts and colors and so on. Of course I would still be looking a an X window with X widgets in it.

It's all pretty disappointing, compared to ActiveState's implementation, which looks much better and requires no setup, no extraneous directories on my path, and no otherwise uneeded daemons.

After all the discussion about AS vs. Cygwin Perl (see "Wish Setup would accept my Perl") I've fixed up most of my scripts so they run equally well on either Perl. It wasn't that hard; as others suggested, it was mostly a matter of cleanliness and discipline. But the Cygwin Perl/Tk issue is a showstopper for me; I will have to keep AS Perl around just to run my Tk scripts.

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