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Re: missing 'which' documentation

Marco Atzeri wrote:
>> >but I am using the 2.16 version of cygwinports :-)

Jeff wrote:
>Heh heh... Care to write a little more about that? I didn't see a base
>package (other than the cygport packager tool) or installation with
>that version number, but was delighted to see a port of glib there.
>That will be very useful for those apps that expect glib and won't
>build under newlib.

Marco Atzeri wrote:

Uhm... thanks! :) Guess I forgot to mention it, but that is where I saw
glib, but didn't see a base package (other than the cygport tool)-- I
do make some effort to research things first before posting questions,
and this site turned up near the top of a Google search. I also saw
their pages on but
searching the two (very low volume) mailing lists for "2.16" turned up
nothing useful. Finally, I added
as a user URL to setup.exe as suggested on the cygwinports home page
(nice of them to maintain a setup.ini file so that their users don't
have to figure out package dependencies) and looked at the packages
listed for install, but didn't see anything in the "base" category that
is any different from what standard Cygwin mirrors show, even with
"Exp"(erimental versions) selected. So I am still curious to know about
this cygwinports package that stands at ver. 2.16, and seems to have
documentation not included in the standard Cygwin packages.


"Sorry, my life is still in beta, and nowhere near stable enough for a

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