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RE: VM and non-blocking writes

On 13 December 2007 17:35, Wayne Christopher wrote:

> What I see is that no matter how large the size is that I give to
> write(), the return value is always the full size.  Also, I see the
> virtual memory used by my process go way up - in fact it goes up by much
> more than the amount of data I've written.
> I tried putting in a limit of 10KB in the size given to the write()
> call.  I still see the VM size grow - more slowly this time, but it
> eventually reaches 1.5GB and then I'm out of memory.
> Has anybody seen this behavior?  

  Dunno about anyone else, but I haven't.

> Should I not be using O_NDELAY?  

  It's supposed to work; it's always possible you've hit on a bug.

> Any other workarounds?
> I don't have a simple example program but I can make one if that will help.

  Yes, it would be a good idea; let's see if anyone can reproduce the problem.

  What firewall/antispyware/other net-related security software do you have

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