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Re: missing 'which' documentation

As seen from lists.cygwin, on
Thu, 13 Dec 2007 09:24:29 +0100,
Corinna Vinschen <> wrote:

>On Dec 12 22:55, Lee D. Rothstein wrote:
>> Does anybody know or care that there is an option --
>> '-a' -- for 'which' -- that is not documented on
>> Cygwin. That is, there is no internal help, and there
>> is no 'man' or 'info' page provided by Cygwin install.
>> If anybody wants this, I will find or create the 'man'
>> page and make it cover '-a', and then do *what* with
>> it? Pointers appreciated!
>Cygwin's which is quite an old one written by me.  The best way to move
>forward would probably be to remove it from the Cygwin distro in favor
>of the which used in several (all?) Linux distros:

I recall (perhaps even correctly :) ) that SunOS had a "where" command
with the functionality of your 'which -a'. The idea was that "where"
would show you all scripts and executables of a given name in your
command path (ie. "where" they are), while "which" would tell you
*which* one of them would execute at the shell prompt. So unusual, to
see a pair of utilities whose names were so nearly self-explanatory. :)
Is the Linux "which" like yours (ie. 'which -a' == SunOS 'where')?

"Sorry, my life is still in beta, and nowhere near stable enough for a

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