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Re: Need help with Perl/Tk

Michael Kairys wrote:
"Andrew DeFaria" <> wrote in message fjrh39$gej$">news:fjrh39$gej$
I'll say it again, it would be wonderful if Perl/Tk would work with regular win32 graphical elements but nobody has bothered to develop that.
Well, ActiveState has :)

... and thank you for the explanation.
Yes but it has it's own peculiarities like non support of setsid, different debugger, different way to install modules, bad handling of signals (probably fixed by now), etc. Also, I'm not a big fan of piece mealing different tools and utilities together when I can get them all in a package that is designed to work together in a very well known manner from a long history of Unixen systems past. This way I don't need to keep tabs on various different packages, what patch level they are at, where I need to get each one and then deal with how well they do or don't work together. IOW I'd rather not install Putty, then Reflection X, then TerraTerm then ActiveState when I can get all of those directly through Cygwin and they all work well together - just like, or close to, how they work on say Linux. Granted, as I said, it would be nice if Cygwin's Perl/Tk could do native win32 widgets...
Andrew DeFaria <>
As I always say "I never repeat myself"

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