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Re: Stop turning CPAN modules into Cygwin packages

Igor Peshansky wrote:
> BTW, this problem must have been encountered (and, hopefully, solved) by
> other distros.  How does the Debian git package handle this?  I seem to
> recall that at least Red Hat Linux at some point had packages for some
> CPAN modules...

I don't know how they solve dependencies, or if it has anything to do with
dependencies, but I can tell you that Fedora Core 8 (and earlier versions) have
a _lot_ of CPAN modules packaged as RPMs.

I, too, prefer to get my modules directly from CPAN but I do run into occasional
compilation problems from time to time.  At those times, it's really handy to
have the packages available.  But, as already mentioned, those should be fixes
that are passed upstream to the CPAN module owner/maintainer anyway.


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