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Re: question with xargs and jar- seems to drop files.

On 05/12/2007, Mike Marchywka <> wrote:
> I  seem to have an odd problem with xargs and jar. I'm not sure if I can isolate a simple test
> case but essentially it only seems to be taking some of the input files.
> This seems to work suggesting the file list is acceptable to jar:
> $ more latest65day | jar -@cvf>jarlog2.txt
> this, however, only includes a some files, apparently lopping off certain directories:
> $ more latest65day | xargs jar -cvf>jarlog.txt
> $ xargs --version
> GNU xargs version 4.3.8
> Built using GNU gnulib version 2007-05-26
> Administrator@TESTBED01 /cygdrive/e/new/temp
> $ jar -V
> jar (fastjar) 0.92-gcc
> Copyright 1999, 2000, 2001  Bryan Burns
> Copyright 2002 Free Software Foundation
> Thoughts on diagnostic process of known problems? At first, I thought it had to do with
> errors encountered during the jarring but I think I've eliminated all of those ( missing files
> mostly). Also, as I indicated before, my configuration is suspect but I wouldn't expect it
> to cause problems like this.

I expect you've got this covered, but last week when I had a similar
problem with xargs and tar, it turned out that my problem was that I
hadn't read the xargs manpage (not recently anyway). Its second
sentence is "xargs ... executes the  command ... one or more times
...". The solution was to use tar's --files-from option. For jar: -@,
see above (except that you should redirect jar's standard input to
your file-of-files with "<latest65day", rather than using "more" and a

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