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kill -STOP mencoder_pid does not stop process execution

Dear List,

sometimes I have to pause the execution of the mencoder process on my cygwin
hosted by an XP SP2. If I press Ctrl+S the mencoder is stopped nicely. I wanted
to pause it from a script. I tried the normal UNIX way sending a SIGSTOP signal
to the process (kill -STOP mencoder_PID) from an other bash window. Running "ps"
I could see it had "S" status, but mencoder was still writing to stdout and the
CPU usage was still nearly 100%. I even tried "kill -TSTP mencoder_PID", but the
same result.

I tried to google for this problem without luck.

Why it behaves like this? How can I gracefully pauses a process execution from a

I also found an other strange thing, which may be connected to this problem.
Pressing ctrl+Z on mencoder I get a prompt, but mencoder still writes to the
screen. I can enter any command and it is executed properly. Running "fg"
mencoder becomes the foreground process and it writes to the screen (as normal).
Why does not stops if ctrl+Z is pressed?

Thanks in advance!

RÃvid angol nyelvlecke kÃvetkezik.
Elektronikus postafiÃk/postalÃda - Mailbox

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