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Re: Wish Setup would accept my Perl

"Brian Mathis" <> wrote in message">

I think the biggest problem you're having is conceptual.  It's easy to
view a bash prompt as just a better DOS prompt that gives you unix
commands in addition to windows command line commands.
The solution is to start breaking the habit of using a bash prompt for
windows commands.  Open a DOS command window and use that (as much as
it hurts). Any perl run from that command window will use AS perl.
Even "better", don't run AS perl scripts from a prompt at all,
double-click on them and start them like any other windows app.  Do
not try to use AS perl from a bash prompt.  Anything run from a bash
prompt should use cygwin perl.

Actually I tend to go the other way. I do most of my work in a bash shell and if I need to use a Windows command I start a command prompt. (BTW, thanks to all of you who pointed out Console2 - I love it!)

However if I were to follow your last advice I would have to convert my AS scripts to Cygwin as noted previously. Other parts of this thread have discussed the issues I've created for myself, and they are in fact relatively minor, except that as I noted I am rather uncomfortable with the idea that I must run Perl/Tk under an X server.

But let me ask you this, please: what about running Cygwin programs from Windows. Some of the Perl scripts that I run from bash I also run as integrated tools from Eclipse, Windows Explorer, etc., and some of them rely on Cygwin commands. (The detail is a bit grungy: it's actually a Tk interface to SCCS.)

To accomplish this I have put cygwin\bin on my Windows path. What is your opinion on that, please?

You should not have AS perl in your cygwin path -- cygwin should not
know about it at all.

Yes, I now do not have AS Perl in my Cygwin path.

I also think this is a bad idea:
"#!/local/perl/bin/perl finds my AS perl (which is in D:\Local\Perl,
and D:\Local is mounted on /local)"

Why, please?

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