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Re: Wish Setup would accept my Perl

"Andrew DeFaria" <> wrote in message fjd50u$sud$">news:fjd50u$sud$

Well that tells you that your previous invocations of system and backquote constructs were not portable to start with. It would be far better to centralize such things to a subroutine to try to mitigate the portability issues. Then again if you are gonna call programs that just don't exist on anything but Windows you will have a problem. But perhaps you can do it in a more "posix" way. And if all else fails you can call the cmd built in with "cmd /c <command>".

Yes, I've done that in most cases, and tested $^O to know what to do. In the case I noticed I was calling a Windows program by a Windows path and had no reason to write it differently. So if I want to run that particular script under Cygwin Perl I could branch to an sh-compatible call, or actually I rather like the idea of "standardising" on system("cmd /c ...") even if it does waste a cmd.exe invocation :)

As I said I don't know exactly why your Tk isn't working. I do know that Tk under Cygwin assumes a running X server. I rarely run an X server - I simply use rxvt instead - so I don't like that requirement. I also work with IBM/Rational products and often need to run ccperl or cqperl - both of which are AS based. And they have Tk in there that works straight on Windows (like rxvt does if it senses there is no X server running - I wish Cygwin's Perl::Tk would do that!).

Actually I had no idea - and I must say that rather dissuades me from using it. I have no other need for an X server, and I quite like the way AS Perl/Tk gives me Windows controls on Windows and X widgets on X. (I have installed AS Perl on Solaris and run some of my Perl/Tk scripts there without problem. Thanks for pointing that out.

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