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dlltool and def files with dots and aliasing


I am trying to build an import library from a windows dll for which I do not have the source code. I am new to cygwin and programming on windows, and I understand that there are two main steps to this:
1. Extract a def file from the dll
2. Use dlltool to create the import library

The method described in the cygwin documentation

echo EXPORTS > cplex110.def
nm cplex110.dll | grep ' T _' | sed 's/.* T _//' >> foo.def

does not work in this case. I get "nm: cplex110.dll: no symbols"

So, I tried

pexports cplex110.dll | sed 's/^_//' > cplex110.def

as described at

However, when run on this file, dlltool craps out with syntax errors. I was not sure what was going on, and finally I got my hands onto

dumpbin.exe /EXPORTS

to get more info from the dll. There seem to be two issues:

1. pexports does not yield a correct def file when aliasing is used in the dll
2. dlltool does not like dots in the exported symbol names.

Ultimately, I think I have the following problem. Output of dumpbin:

   ordinal hint RVA      name
       119   76 00129808 CPXaddrows
       120   77          CPXaddrows. (forwarded to _CPXaddrows.@48)
       659  293 00129814 _CPXaddrows.@48
       660  294 00129808 _CPXaddrows@48

As far as I understand, the def file should contain the following:
CPXaddrows.= _CPXaddrows.@48

Run on this file,

dlltool -d cplex110.def --dllname cplex110.lib -l libcplex.a -k

breaks with a syntax error at the first line that contains a dot. This syntax error is independent from the aliasing:

does also break. When I remove all lines with a dot from the def file, dlltool works, and my program builds fine because it only calls CPXaddrows. Then, it yields a run time error after CPXaddrows is called.

Does anyone have an idea about how to fix this.



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