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Re: Controlling the files that rsync can see in Windows.

Nevermind, I found a way.

I can add the line "exclude from = c:\exclusions.txt" to rsyncd.conf near
the top of the file before any of the modules. Then create a file
c:\exclusions.txt and list the folders I want to exclude. In this case the
line would be: "/Folder to be hidden/".

If I wanted to I could put the "exclude from" entry under each of my modules
and have separate exclusion list for each module. By putting it above the
modules, my exclusions will be apply to every module.

It is not as simple as being able to add a permission for each folder, but
in my application it will work nicely. wrote:
> My goal is to set up an rsync server so that I can efficiently transfer
> files from one server to a workstation with a command line script. I have
> managed to set this up quite simply,, but now I want to be a little more
> surgical in what the script backs-up.
> Imagine I have a directory structure like this
> Main Folder
> |_______Folder to be transferred
> |
> |_______Folder to be hidden
> My goal is to have a single line script that runs on a workstation to
> transfer all of the files and sub-folders from the "Main Folder" except
> for files and folders that I set a "deny" permission for. I can then
> change what files the user will received just by adding or changing folder
> permissions.
> I tried to achieve this by running the rsync daemon as a service, and
> using a user account as the log on for the service. Then I denied access
> to the folder by that username, but when I run the script it still manages
> to download the entire contents of the "Main Folder".
> I don't understand a lot about services and the rsync daemon, so I might
> be barking up the wrong tree with the log on approach for the rsync daemon
> service.
> I hope I have described all of this clearly enough.

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