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Re: Problems with PostgreSQL 8

cappellano schrieb:
Before someone tells me to use Linux or a NT based win to run a native
Postgres, I must say that I have no choice regarding the use of
Postgres on old Win98 machines - this is a huge project that involves
some schools that still have this OS and will take a little longer for
them to switch to Linux.

Given this background information, let me tell my problem:
when I try to run the postmaster everything goes fine. But any attempt
to connect or run external scripts fails. See below:

LOG:  could not recognize system timezone, defaulting to "Etc/GMT+3"
HINT:  You can specify the correct timezone in postgresql.conf.
    165 [main] postmaster 712289 child_info::sync: wait failed, pid
901337, Win32 error 0
    952 [main] postmaster 712289 fork: child 901337 - died waiting for
dll loading, errno 11
LOG:  could not fork startup process: Resource temporarily unavailable

I need it wirking as soon as possible. so, any help would make me glad!

Which postgresql 8 version exactly? The cygwin release or self-build?

Official is 8.0.7, but I have more versions on my own setup site

Running postmaster as service or as user?
Started by /etc/init.d/postgresql?

I'm sorry that I cannot test it on Win98.

Reini Urban

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