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Re: RXVT and Bitstream Vera Sans Mono

* Jeff (Thu, 06 Dec 2007 13:04:36 -0800)
> I use RXVT because it makes Cygwin accessible to me. Its color and font
> support gives me a console window I can *see*, as opposed to the native
> Windows console that BASH runs in by default, which I cannot see. Part
> of my strategy to increase visibility is to specify a bold font for
> -fn/font: and crank up the point size just as large as I can make it
> and still have an 80x25 console fit on my screen.
> I probably don't have to tell anyone who uses RXVT that Windows XP
> ships with only two usable monospaced fonts: Lucida Console, and
> Courier New; I probably also don't have to mention how well a
> proportional font (doesn't) work with RXVT. I've been getting by with
> Lucida Console-bold, but lately even that has become a little difficult
> for me to see. So, I decided to see if I could find a more visible
> font.
> I found this useful page at which lists
> several monospaced fonts for coders/programmers, with Bitstream Vera
> Sans Mono ranked as the best of them. The page provides links, too--
> the Bitstream fonts are available at as
> advertised. I then noticed that this font is mentioned in the RXVT
> README text, and saw it mentioned in a recent thread on this list as
> being the default font in the current Cygwin RXVT.

If you like Bitstream fonts then you will like DejaVu fonts - who are 
based on Bitstream - even more. But beware that your issue might be a 
issue similar to this:


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