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Installing on a Samba share drive


I created a Samba share on my Debian system, mapped it to a drive letter on my XP Home system and did a full network install of Cygwin on the root of the mapped drive. When I tried to use Cygwin to compile some programs, I found that a number of the symbolic links from the install (eg all of the low level .exe's like am.exe from gcc) could not be found. While I could manually create the necessary symbolic links, it was impossible to know what exactly was broken. I resolved the issue by "uninstalling" from the Samba drive and reinstalling on a local XP drive.

Can anyone shed some light on why the symbolic links might be broken. Because I need to support different library configurations, I'd like to use the technique of maintaining a number of different Cygwin environments on my Debian system where I have lots of disk space, and map to XP as and when needed.



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