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Re: 1.5.24-2: unalbe to get a core Dump file

Massimo Carboni wrote:

> # setenv CYGWIN "error_start=C:\cygwin\bin\dump.cmd"*

> *** starting debugger for pid 3412, tid 3056
>       3 [main] a 3600 try_to_debug: Failed to start debugger, Win32 error 5
> *** continuing pid 3412 from debugger call (0)

You can't use a .cmd file as the error_start parameter.  It has to be a
directly executable binary.  A cmd file is not directly executable, as
it has to be launched with %comspec% and that knowledge requires a
higher level API like ShellExecute instead of the low level
CreateProcess that is used here.

As already mentioned downthread, if you want a core dump you should
simply set error_start=c:/cygwin/bin/dumper.exe, modulo dumper bugs
(which should have all been fixed in the latest version.)

If you really must run a cmd file, then you need to create an .exe
wrapper program that execs %comspec% /c "dump.cmd (original args)" or


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