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Re: 1.5.24-2: unalbe to get a core Dump file

El Wednesday 05 December 2007 16:33:55 Corinna Vinschen escribió:
> > > > >> I'm quite new on cygwin I'm trying to get a core dump for debug
> > > > >> purpose without success.
> > > > >
> > > > > I think currently it is not possible to get the core file.
> > > >
> > > > Actually, you can. ?See:
> > > >
> > > > <>
> > >
> > > I said that because it seems dumper is broken:
> >
> > Sorry, this is the correct URL to the thread:
> >
> >
> Did you try dumper from the experimental 1.5.25-3 package?

Yes. No joy.

> Did you use 
> a newer GDB from CVS?

I do not see the relationship between gdb and dumper. The OP wanted to get a 
core dump file, and dumper freezes before a core is generated for gdb to 
read. That is why I recommended him to attach directly gdb to the process at 
crash time instead of trying to get the core file.

If you mentioned that because of my thread, then I must say that no, I have 
not tried the CVS version. I am doing my debugging in 32 bit instead.

> If that doesn't help, 

I gladly would like to submit as many patches as necessary, but unfortunately 
I still have about fifteen years or so of learning before I could help in 
such a complex project like gdb. I am instead trying to track some bugs into 
the Cygwin's version of the OpenSceneGraph library, that is why I found those 

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