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Re: More questions about mkgroup and mkpasswd

--On 30 November 2007 10:54 -0500 Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:

It gathers information from the domain controller and adds it to these
files.  This should include all domain users and groups.  This can be
overkill but the good thing is that if it doesn't complain in the process
or take way too long to generate, it just works.

If there are tens of thousands of users in the domain who are never going to use the machine and probably also tens of thousands of groups that will never need to be known on the system it does take a bit too long.

I have found that the /etc/passwd created by the postinstall script is fine but the /etc/group needs to be fixed. I have found that this creates a group file that works for me.

/bin/mkgroup -l >group
/bin/mkgroup -d -g "Domain Users" >>group

Things may get a bit more complicated if your computer account and your user account are in different domains but since I am not in that situation any more, I can't provide and details based on current experience.

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