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Re: 1.6e hangs through ssh

Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
srp010 wrote:
On Cygwin 1.6e on Windows 2003 Server EE hangs formatting a

There is no "Cygwin 1.6e".  The current Cygwin DLL package version is
1.5.24.  This package's version is typically the one reported if there's
reason to suspect that the issue may be part of the POSIX emulation layer.

Veritas Volume when performed through ssh connection. Format can be interrupted
without issue but no progress is made after format asks "Proceed with Format
(Y/N)?". strace of the pid also hangs.

Here is output of the cmd:
  ./format Z:   The type of file system is NTFS

  Proceed with Format (Y/N)? y

Problem scenario:
  ssh to Cygwin 1.6e on Windows box
  Create disk group
  Create Volume
  Assign drive letter
  format <hang>

This scenario succeeds when performed on the system via DOS or Cygwin window. Once the volume has been formatted successfully format via ssh connection
no longer hangs.

Windows and Cygwin are not my usual haunts. Google has offered little
help. I would be interested in any assistance in debugging and solving this

My WAG is that you're not experiencing a hang at all.  You just don't see
the output of when it ends.  This is a known issue with
DOS/Windows apps.  They don't understand ptys, which is what you're using
when you connect via 'ssh' to the machine.  If you wait long enough, I'll
bet you'll find the format completes, even though you get no feedback
indicating that.  Just a WAG though.  I don't have a disk here that I feel
like I want to format as a test. ;-)

I'll check this when I get home but the TTY bit definately sounds like what it is. I just installed openssh and set it up as a service.

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