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Re: script for installing cygwin?

Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:

> jameshanley39 wrote:
> > I would like to be able to install cygwin with all the packages I
> > want automatically, without having to select them all.
> > 
> > 
> > (reason is actually because when things go wrong i would like to
> > uninstall and reinstall cygwin, and i do not want to go through that
> > screen selecting a dozen or two packages each time I want to
> > install it)
> > 
> > I guess it could be done with a windows program like AutoIt hitting
> > arrow keys and maybe moving the cursor. But I am hoping there is a
> > neater way, like through Cygwin.
> There are many ways to achieve this.  The easiest, through
> 'setup.exe', is just select "Install" for the "All" category in the
> "Select Packages" page of 'setup.exe'.

I meant only install the ones I want.

It seems that choosing install from internet, and selecting Install
there will install absolutely everything.
(choosing a local package, and doing that, will prob do nothing.. or
install everything that is already installed). Either way, I have not
tried and would not use that option.

But I just wanted to have what I want installed automatically

Not having to go through all the things if i wanted to remove and then
install / "reinstall" cygwin.

i checked the cygwin FAQ , since before I had only looked at the cygwin
user manual.

The solution for me is to keep the package directory separate from the
cygwin program directory. e.g. c:\cygwin and c:\cygwinpk  I Select what
I want once, install. That makes my package directory as I want it.
I Make a copy of the package directory.

Then if i want to install cygwin again, I just  remove the cygwin
directory  copy cygwinpk2 to cygwinpk (oddly does not work from win xp
command prompt, but anyhow).  And then I install cygwin, telling it to
install from local directory, and I point it to my directory with the
stuff i want.



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