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Re: More questions about mkgroup and mkpasswd

Erik Weibust wrote:
So yesterday when I installed cygwin I got an error about my group being
mkgroup and that it should be rebuilt. It mentioned that if I am a network
user I should use mkpasswd and mkgroup with the -d flag. What is this giving
me over just saying mkpasswd -l? All I see is it creating massive passwd and
group files.

It gathers information from the domain controller and adds it to these files. This should include all domain users and groups. This can be overkill but the good thing is that if it doesn't complain in the process or take way too long to generate, it just works.

Also, I saw that my home dir in my /etc/passwd is somewhere that doesn't
exist on a network server. Can I safely just change it to a local /home/user

Assign it to whatever you like. See the '-p' flag on 'mkpasswd'. Or just edit the '/etc/passwd' file afterward. Be careful not to change you user's SID info though.

Lastly, I see that some of my files have a group of Users and others have
Domain Users, how can I easily set all my files to the same group? I
literally just installed Cygwin, so I have no problem reinstalling to "get
it right" from the beginning, if there is a better way to install Cygwin
when you are on a domain.

chgrp -R "Domain Users" ~

The above has not be tested.  It's meant to be an example, not a directive
of what to do literally.  See the man page for 'chgrp' for more details.

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