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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: nasm-2.00-1

Version 2.00-1 of nasm has been uploaded, and should be available on the cygwin mirrors in the near future. Please find it under the "Devel" category in cygwin's setup utility.

This release constitutes a major revision of the upstream stable sources. From :

After 7 months of intense development, the NASM team brings you NASM 2.0!!! This version of NASM supercedes version 0.98.39 (and Apple's 0.98.40) and introduces full 64-bit (x86-64/x64/AMD64/Intel 64) architecture and object file support. We have also addressed quite a few bugs and feature requests along the way.

Special note:

I have removed support for the GNUWin32 COFF format ("-f gnuwin32" option). This format was introduced to work around historical disagreements between MinGW interpretation, Microsoft implementation, and the COFF/PE specifications of the VirtualSize field for .bss section headers. These have been (reportedly) resolved in binutils since 2003. Please use "-f win32" now in contexts where "-f gnuwin32" was used.

If you get link errors, such as "ld: PE operations on non PE file", when linking nasm objects produced with "nasm -f win32", and you are using the latest version of Cygwin's binutils, please send a report to the cygwin mailing list.

In general, questions, comments, and reports should go to the cygwin mailing list:


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