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Re: Problem with mkgroup

--- "Larry Hall (Cygwin)"  ha scritto:

> Erik Weibust wrote:
> > I am having problems with a new cygwin install on
> windows vista business.
> > 
> > The first time I log in I get an error message
> about my group being
> > mkgroup. The error message states to run mkpasswd
> and mkgroup with the -d
> > flag for domain users. I get a very large passwd
> file when running this. Am
> > I safe to delete the majority of the users from
> the passwd file, mainly just
> > leaving my own login? I'm guessing there are some
> "admin" type users that
> > probably need to still be there. Is there a list
> of the users to keep,
> > because my file if very, very long?
> You can trim out whatever you like from the file but
> you should make sure
> that you leave whatever groups your users are a part
> of.  There shouldn't
> be a great harm in leaving well enough alone though.

I think a short list is 

mkpasswd -l
plus the user_id in the domain

mkgroup -l

Domain Users
Domain Admins:
Domain Computers:
Domain Controllers:
Domain Guests:


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