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Re: root privileges

First of all, please believe that I spent almost three hours going through
the mailing list archives before asking this. It's just that I (and many
others) have not been able to find a solution there.

I'm not running a program that tests for rootness in some non-portable
way. I'm just calling an innocent ioctl directly into cygwin, which tells
me I need more permissions. Just for clarification, here is the problem

status &= ~TIOCM_RTS;
ioctl(fd, TIOCMSET, &status); // returns -EPERM

Apart from having a privileged (administrator) windows account, should I
understand (from that all
cygwin asks for is that I should get things right in /etc/passwd and

Please take a look at what I've tried so far:

in /etc/passwd:

  (1st try) 
  (2nd try) 
  (3rd try) 

in /etc/group (for the 2nd and 3rd tries above, I added the following line):

Finally, I even tried running the program from a "SYSTEM-owned shell", to
no avail.

Thanks in advance for any pointers. Cheers,


Jorge Marques Pelizzoni escreveu:
> Hi all!
> I am developing a program that requires root privileges to run (e.g. it
> calls ioctl to set communication lines at a serial port). Even though I am
> an administrator of my WinXP workstation, cygwin keeps giving me EPERM.
> Ok, I've read:
> but wasn't able to sove my problem anyway. I even tried changing my user
> group from 513 to 544 in /dev/passwd by directly editing this file...
> I'd rather not change the program (as it runs fine on linux) but just be
> recognized as root to have it going on Windows. Is that possible?
> Thanks in advance. Cheers,
> Jorge.

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