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Re: Problems Starting sshd as a service through CYGWIN

Whoops, ignore the last email, I accidentally must have hit a send hotkey, because I fired it off before I had finished typing. Sorry.

I have changed a lot, so I'll probably go back and start fresh one more time. The first time I ran sshd, I did not run it from a system-owned shell; I ran it as Administrator, so perhaps that has something to do with my problem. I'll give it another try. Thanks for the feedback.

Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
On 11/29/2007, Kyle Flavin wrote:
I am having trouble starting sshd as a Window's service. I've looked over the mailing list archives, but have been unable to find a resolution to my problem. I apologize for the length of this email, but I tried to include all pertinent information. I have attached the output of cygcheck -s -v -r.


You sure you're not just suffering from some form of

Of some concern is the fact that you have another installation of some
like tools including, apparently, 'ssh'.  I don't see these interfering
based on the information you sent but....

Also, your attempts to research and solve this problem are admirable and
commendable but you may have taken it a little too far. You mentioned that
you can 'sshd' from the command line, though you don't mention the user you
are when you run it that way. If you didn't do this from a SYSTEM-owned
shell the first time you tried it, you may very well have prohibited
yourself from getting this to work for you as a service easily. You may
want to consider wiping your installation again and reinstalling. The
problem is that permissions on some files get set specifically for the
user running of 'sshd' and running it as another user isn't an option. Now
it is possible to run around to all the needed files/directories and reset
the permissions back to what's needed but that's allot of work and is
error prone. Also, given the changes you've tried so far relative to
granting/restricting certain permissions, this compounds the problem.

So there are a few things to mull over. ;-)

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