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Reading and writing to a cygwin terminal from a WINMAIN() windows application?

Hi there,

I'm writing a windows "winmain()" application which talks to the
console, and am having trouble getting it to write() to a cygwin console
window.  I was hoping that someone on this list might be able to aid me.

The application is a dual graphics/CLI program, and so needs to detect
whether it is running in a terminal first.  If it is then it runs in
console mode, otherwise it opens a graphics window (using directx).  As
such it has a winmain() instead of a main(), and therefore the
stdin/stdout channels aren't immediately available to it.

Here's what it does:

	// If we can attach to the parent terminal then we were run in a
console window.
	if (AttachConsole(ATTACH_PARENT_PROCESS))
		m_CLIApp = true;


	If (m_CLIApp) {
		// XXX Test output to the console.  Why doesn't this
approach work in a cygwin console window?
		// XXX Where does the output go in that case?
		char s[] = "This is the console\r\n";
		unsigned long cChars;
		WriteConsole(GetStdHandle(STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE), s,
lstrlen(s), &cChars, NULL);

Does anyone know why this doesn't output to a cygwin console, although
it does if started in a cmd shell?


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