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Re: Perl is installed in /lib, but indicates it is in /usr/local/lib

Etienne wrote:

> It looks like I misspoke slightly.  I reviewed the "" again and it
> thinks it is installed in "/usr/lib". I don't even have a "lib" directory
> under "usr" on a clean install of cygwin.

You must be looking with a Windows application like Explorer.  Don't. 
/lib and /usr/lib are the same due to the mount table.  The same is true
of /bin and /usr/bin.  "ls -l /usr/lib" should show many things.  See

> "Perl" and "TCL" can't find
> several functions from the following packages: libartlgpl2, libpng12-devel &
> libfreetype2-devel.  If I only disable "TCL", I get the same "undefined
> reference" errors from "PERL".  The configure script finds the libraries
> with no dificulty and if I attempt a build by disabling "TCL" and "PERL" it
> works.  The only way I can get "PERL" to be included is by using the option
> "LINKTYPE=static", but I'm not sure of the consequences of that action.
> Some of the errors are "undefined reference to `_art_vpath_add_point'",
> "undefined reference to `_FT_Done_Glyph'" & "undefined reference to
> `_png_create_write_struct'"

Whenever reporting link failures you should include the exact cut and
paste output of the commands that were run and the resulting errors. 
It's very hard to guess what's going wrong without seeing the context of
the errors and the commands that caused them.

> I tried copying the contents of the "/lib" directory to "/usr/lib" and
> "/usr/local/lib" as an attempted workaround.  This however did not solve the
> problem.  Even if this is a problem with "rrdtool", it doesn't explain the
> "" and "" files.

That's a very bad idea, but it should be a no-op.  Again /usr/lib and
/lib are the same thing.

> I wish cygwin would use forums instead of a mailing list.

Well, a lot of us vastly prefer mailing lists to forums.  However, there
are gateways.  You might like to try
<> or


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