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Re: Mounting tar files

joekrahn wrote:
An ISO-9660 image is sort of like a tar file, but with some extra overhead.
It sounds like you are trying to do something like Knoppix. They use a
compressed read-only filesystem for the base image, combined with a special
read/write filesystem (based on symlinks, I think) that holds actual file
data only for changed files.

It's what I would like.

Doing this in Windows would not be easy. There are some programs around that
mount ISO images as a virtual filesystem. But, if you have to install extra
support software, what is the point of installing Cygwin on an SD card? If
you want a portable Cygwin, why not put most of it onto a CD?

Because a SD card is smaller and read/write. Mounting a CD ISO copied on the SD would also be possible, but as you said it would require the installation of software. I though it could be possible to manage the whole thing in a simpler way (maybe with a port of some software that many live distribution like Knoppix use).

Thank you

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