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Re: Select-all Vista install fails?

Peter Klavins wrote:
> I am a very satisfied user of Cygwin for many years, and on Vista since
> Nov 2006.  I always download and keep updated all packages, since I
> usually find that something is missing when I really need it.  Recently
> I was presented with the opportunity to install Cygwin on another clean
> Vista 32-bit install, so I took the following steps in order to come to
> a 'correct' recipe for installing Cygwin on Vista:
> 1.  Download (not execute) .
> 2.  Right-click 'Run as Administrator' on downloaded setup.exe.
> 3.  Make appropriate selections and get to package selection screen.
> 4.  Click once on 'All' package button to cycle it to 'Install' (thus
> selecting all packages).
> 5.  Click 'Next' to download and install.
> After letting the installation go on into the night, the next morning
> showed a hung postinstall process, I am sorry I was so disappointed and
> lacking time that I didn't write it down, but I think it was something
> to do with tex or X fonts.
> In any case I sighed, killed all sh and bash processes with a little bit
> of difficulty, then restarted setup.exe as Administrator, which even
> though this time I left the package selection at default, still hung,
> this time on gnuplot postinstall.  Again I killed all sh and bash
> processes, which by the way were churning at 50% CPU (this is a dual
> processor).
> Later in the day I took a heavier sigh, removed all trace of the partial
> install from C:\cygwin on disk (but not registry and not download
> cache), and tried a default package selection install again, always
> running setup.exe from the local file as Administrator.
> The default install succeeded!  Since then I have started re-running
> setup.exe to download and install the other bits and pieces I need
> urgently, and eventually I will dive into a full package selection
> again.  This is basically the same type of Vista install I have always
> done.
> So my question is this:  Is Cygwin supposed to install fully on Vista
> from an initial All-package-selection?  If so, what did I do wrong in
> the install?
> Thanks for your help.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>  Peter Klavins                                              Datalon SrL

There is obviously a broken dependency in one of the installation scripts. I
have seen other posts about initial installations failing when different
packages were selected from the very beginning. Maybe it would be good for
the initial install to always use the default set of packages and require a
subsequent install for additional packages? Ideally, some tests could be
done following the initial installation, and maybe encourage user testing as
well. This would help distinguish installation bugs from package bugs.

Joe Krahn
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