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Re: cygwin problem with windows 2003 wrote:
Hello there,

I have a problem with starting Xwin on a Windows2003Server from my Windows 2000 Client with Cygwin.

i use following script:

t4erexec -l username -p password Servername  "E:\test.bat $HOSTNAME"

Now my problem is, all works fine if the user from my script is logged on the server-machine.
But if another user is logged on the server-machine, it doesnt work...
I see following Message:

Warning : The current transport does not permit the attempted TCPIP connection.

TRANS(SocketINETGetAddr): tnamebysocket() failed
TRANS(SocketINETConnect): TRANS(SocketINETGetAddr) () failed
TRANS(Open): transport open failed for tcp/edv003:0
Error: Can't open display: edv003:0

I have tested with "%RUN% xhost +" Setting in startxwin.bat too.

What can i do, to solve this problem?

Isn't this a question for the tools4ever guys, since it's their tool that's involved when you get this error? I don't see anything in the above that suggests X needs to be running or that Cygwin is implicated in any way. Does it work if you substitute Cygwin's ssh for t4erexec?

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