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RE: cygwin compliation crash when uninstalling the old version of bash

>   So, looks like setup wrote the header and then bombed writing the
>   rest of 
> the file.  Interesting... do you remember setup crashing (in a
> different way) on the/a *previous* run before you first saw this
> problem? 
>     cheers,
>       DaveK

I just hit the same problem, and the same fix (deleting
/etc/setup/bash.lst.gz) worked for me too. Here is what led to this

1. I had an older version of bash installed, and ran the cygwin setup while
I had a couple of bash window open.
2. Setup reported "file in use, please close and select retry or cancel".
3. I closed the bash windows by right-clicking on the Windows task bar and
selecting close, but by doing it that way I accidentally closed the setup
window too (since it has the same icon and looks the same on the task bar).
4. I reran setup which got to "uninstalling bash" and then crashed.

Hope this helps,

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