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RE: New to cygwin

On 26 November 2007 17:35, Tomasz Jankowski wrote:

> 1. I found, that functions like sendmsg and recvmsg are available in
> cygwin, is it true?


> 2. What about IPv6, is it available in cygwin?

  Nope, not yet, but it's under active development at the moment.

> 3. Does cygwin in some way support some other socket options, that win32 do?

  It supports the berkeley sockets API, but relies on the features of the underlying OS to implement it, so it cannot do anything that windows itself does not support (though it may be it more or less easy to access certain functionality using one API or the other).

> 4. How does  the performance look? Will my library have really poorer
> performance if I use cygwin instead of winsock API?

  There is a bit of overhead, but not a great deal; most of cygwin's implementations of the berkeley sockets APIs are just fairly thin wrappers around calls to the underlying winsock functionality that is used to implement them.

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