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Re: starting squid getgrnam failed , getpwnam failed , , `nobody` , `nogroup`. Windows xp wrote:

I have had these errors when trying to run squid. in win xp.

$ squid

FATAL: getpwnam failed to find userid for effective user 'nobody'

I read this [1] which seems to say to me I can solve this by creating a
nobody account.
So I saw this [2] about how to do that in cygwin.

and I did created the nobody user
net user nobody /add
and probably added him to users.
net localgroup users nobody /add

or I created the user in windows and it automatically went into the
users group.

and seeing that $less /etc/passwd and $less /etc/group seem less up to
date, than mkgroup -l -u and mkpasswd -l , I did
mkgroup -l >/etc/group
mkpasswd -l >/etc/passwd
I saw these commands mentioned once.

And then when trying to run squid, I got the similar error
FATAL: getgrnam failed to find groupid for effective group 'nogroup'

That is more-or-less what happened.  I am not sure what to do next to
get it working.  I don`t really know what I am doing!

I think you're doing alright. Why not try creating the 'nogroup' group and see if that moves the peg forward a bit?

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