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Re: Announce: FlexDLL, flexible DLLs under Windows

> On Thu, Nov 22, 2007 at 04:15:50AM -0500, Robert Kiesling wrote:
> >ISTM it would be easier to add event notifiers to the shell or the
> >app, although the implementation of that would almost certainly require 
> >a code fork.  And the memory management and the practice of loading Windows
> >apps with Unix is much better documented.  AND although Cygwin is limited by 
> >its use of static libraries in that regard, the task would not be impossible.
> >
> >Just my 0.02.
> I can't grok most of the above.  Cygwin doesn't rely on a
> shell, adding "event notifiers" doesn't make a lot of sense in this
> context, and the mention of static libraries doesn't really seem
> pertinent to a disscussion of shared library loading.

The scenario is normal and expected - program that uses data for
another program and its libraries to finish before another program can
read the data written to disk, loaded and swapped in its memory and
then make use of the data.  The mechanisms of this scenario vary
between operating system and version.  Unfortunately, Cygwin apps do
rely on shells, or in the case of services, the exec () and similar
system calls that load the apps and libraries.  ISTM the previous
description obfuscates and in fact complicates the process.  The APIs
to accomplish those tasks already exist.  Anybody that wants to accomplish
the tasks has only to look them up for themselves.

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