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Re: in /bin after installation

C. Blue wrote:
I installed to c:\cygin, but it always places me in c:\cygwin\bin when
I click the cygwin icon. I thought I was supposed to be in my home
folder, ie c:\cygwin\home\<myname>
Also, the bash prompt looks very sparse, I thought something looked
different when I last saw a cygwin system.
Also, many files and stuff that various googling told me about are not
there (for example any /etc/passwd, or any /etc/postsetup or some such
It seems that this installation just somehow failed. I tried it 3
times now, always the same.
My system is windows 2003 sp 2.

Seems like your postinstall scripts are not running for some reason.
My WAG would be that you have some <>
that's interfering.  That may be the best place to start looking for a
fix.  Otherwise, you can certainly check the '/etc/postinstall' directory
for scripts that don't have a ".done" suffix and run them manually.
Assuming they run well that way, that should fix you up.

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